ATYC's top albums by year: 2000

10. Carpathian Forest – Strange Old Brew
Norway | Avantgarde Music

Highlights: Bloodcleansing, Martyr-Sacrificulum, Thanatology, Return Of The Freezing Winds

9. Asphyx – On the Wings of Inferno
Netherlands | Century Media Records

Highlights: Summoning the Storm, The Scent of Obscurity, Chaos in the Flesh

8. Morgul – The Horror Grandeur
Norway | Century Media Records

Highlights: The Murdering Mind, The Horror Grandeur, Cassandra's Nightmare

7. Primordial – Spirit the Earth Aflame
Ireland | Hammerheart Records

Highlights: Glorious Dawn, The Soul Must Sleep, The Burning Season

6. Myrkskog – Deathmachine
Norway | Candlelight Records

Highlights: The Hate Syndicate, A Poignant Scenario of Horror, Discipline Misanthropy, Morphinemangled Torture

5. Electric Wizard – Dopethrone
United Kingdom | Rise Above Records

Highlights: Vinum Sabbathi, Funeralopolis, Dopethrone, I The Witchfinder, Barbarian

4. Antaeus - Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
France | Baphomet Records

Highlights: Inner War, Those With No Eyes, Bleeding Blasphemy, Nihil Chaos

3. Vital Remains - Dawn of the Apocalypse
US | Osmose Productions

Highlights: Black Magick Curse, Dawn of the Apocalypse, Sanctity in Blasphemous Ruin, Behold the Throne of Chaos

2. Isis - Celestial
US | Escape Artist

Highlights: Celestial (The Tower), Glisten, Swarm Reigns (Down), Deconstructing Towers, Gentle Time

1. Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance
US | Relapse Records

Highlights: Black Seeds of Vengeance, Masturbating the Wargod, Multitude of Foes, The Nameless, City of the Accursed

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  1. What a year! Many albums on this liast are classics in my music library.


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