Marduk - Viktoria

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2018
Origin: Sweden

Track listing:
1. Werwolf [1]
2. June 44 [3]
3. Equestrian Bloodlust [2]
4. Tiger I [1]
5. Narva [4]
6. The Last Fallen [3]
7. Viktoria [4]
8. The Devil's Song [3]
9. Silent Night [2]

(this is a track-by-track rating I've been thinking of doing for a while now, each piece is rated out of 5)


A Norwegian Black Metal Playlist - 90's Part I

I would usually make an album list for this but for once, I chose specific favorite tracks to support the case instead of whole records. I try to maintain one track by each band when it's not a specific band's playlist, which means of course I have more tracks but the artists I like that I didn't use here. Many of them are personal choices of some of my favorite tunes, so if anything's missing, it's not that I might have ignored or overseen it. I wanted to create a Spotify playlist but some tracks were missing so I decided just to list Youtube links to each track, for anyone to have a quick listen. I have a second part of a similar playlist and then a third installment for bands active after 2000, I don't know when I will write things up about them in the future though.


Eraserheads - Demo 2018

Origin: Trikala / Thessaloniki, Greece
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 2018

1. Die
2. Pressure
3. Retaliate
4. I5
5. Temptation
6. No Exit


Taphos - Demo MMXVI

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2016

1. Venus' Death
2. Upon Withered Wings
3. Perpetual Void
4. Venomous Tempest

Since the announce of their debut Come Ethereal Somberness, it is good to go back to their amazing first material.


Caverne - Aux Frontières du Monde

Origin: Rouen, France
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2015

1. Le Glaive 
2. Moisson éternelle
3. Rys d'or et coquecigrues
4. Sentiers nouveaux
5. Amertume (petit matin et gueule de bois) 
6. Si loin qu'elle en a peur


Turbonegro - Scandinavian Leather

Turbonegro (Norway)
Scandinavian Leather (2003)
Burning Heart Records (Sweden) | Epitaph Records (US)

After all this time, I'm returning to posts about shit I buy and it's not all too much lately. I've always wanted to look more into Turbonegro albums because it's a band that has been suggested many times and they seem to be liked by metalheads quite much. I found Scandinavian Leather in a second hand store for a really cheap price, mostly among totally random numbers there, but it was the discovery that made me buy it in the end. I don't know much about them and a track featured here, "Train of Flesh", is weirdly the first I heard by Turbonegro ever. Even though there's lots of "ooOOOoo" for my taste, some tracks are catchy and well written. From what I have heard so far, it's only specific tracks by the band I dig.

Favorite tracks: Gimme Somme, Train of Flesh, F**k the World (F.T.W.)

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