Arkona - Ziemia

November 4th, 2016
Debemur Morti Productions

Track listing:
1. Droga do ocalenia
2. Ziemia
3. Śmierć i odrodzenie
4. Nie dla mnie litość 
5. Lśnienie
6. Lunaris


Forever Gloom: Ljå - Til avsky for livet

2006, Aftermath Music
Black Metal from Norway

1. Til Satan  
2. Til avsky for livet
3. Et barn er dødt i Betlehem
4. Vårtegn
5. Tilgi dem aldri 
6. Vådeskudd 
7. Svart 
8. Granatsjokk 
9. Blendende lys
10. Gjort til djevel


Trap Them - Crown Feral

1. Kindred Dirt
2. Hellionaires
3. Prodigala
4. Luster Pendulums
5. Malengines Here, Where They Should Be
6. Speak Nigh
7. Twitching In The Auras
8. Revival Spines
9. Stray Of The Tongue
10. Phantom Air


Saor - Guardians

Coming this November.

1. Guardians
2. The Declaration
3. Autumn Rain
4. Hearth
5. Tears Of A Nation




Spire - Entropy

Getting into autumn with albums hoping to bring the cold in hell.

Through Iron fucking Bonehead Productions.
Listen from Bandcamp.

Earlier this year:

I'm also thinking of starting posts with playlists or track collections I like, there's too much music to sort vaguely in albums. Tracks need to be remembered. I'll see what I will do, don't go away please.


Acherontas & Nastrond - Chthonic Libations (Collaboration)

"Acherontas and Nastrond join forces and auras for the first time, as an omnipotent primal force, to give birth to an innovative Opus of Esoteric Art and Ceremonial vision."

Listen to this Poison.

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