Monday, February 25, 2013

Marduk - Wormwood (2009)

Marduk "Wormwood"
2009, Regain Records

The reuploading process has begun, and you can see which posts are alive again on the right column. Since filestock is dead, use the other link (not at all obvious). Im keeping them both, just in case. The russians are lunatics when it comes to the internet. Or falling comets. Whatever.

An era of boredom has struck my life and im behind everything, that should explain the absence of posts here, so i repay with this magnificent album by the magnificent band Marduk. Im close to loving all their albums, its the seriously angry wagon that many have tried to copy but failed. Wormwood is supreme, perfect for torturing innocent civilians.

After the change of a vocalist, their music has obviously changed. Both eras fit me perfect and i don't think they are doing anything wrong right now. Not much to be said.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thanatos - Angelic Encounters (2000) [Remastered 2007]

Album: Angelic Encounters
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Label: Hammerheart Records
Quality: CD-Rip 320kbps
Website: Facebook

Thanatos is one of the very first dutch death metal bands and they were jamming back in the middle eighties, when the average metalhead had pink hair and leopard pants. They did split up in 1992, but they were reformed and released some albums to meant to bring suffering, chaos and filth. One of their later albums is this one, which is nothing less than a punch to the gut of modern death metal.

The thrash element and the death element have been masterfully knitted to compose an anti-mainstream anthem album that Angelic Encounters is, these guys know how to write death metal songs and fill them up with solos and old school growls, so that the fans are pleased and the outsiders wanna throw up. Nothing's better than that. The remastered version was released in digipack and vinyl and it contains a cover of a Massacre song, with guest vocals from Joe Lewis of Vital Remains.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grave Digger - Knights of the Cross (1998) [Remastered 2006]

Album: Knights of the Cross
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: GUN Records
Website: Facebook

Concept albums are often more complete than others when it comes to the lyrical and artistic aspect of them, both characteristics that do not have to do with music itself, as i think, a good album is good not only on the compositional side but also on other elements. Grave Digger deal with some awesome subjects of the history of the church and more here, you can see a detailed and wonderful presentation here. This is the remastered version of the album, it has some bonus songs and a digital remaster of the whole album.

Grave Digger were once among my favourite heavy metal bands since 5-6 years ago that was the only genre i would listen, i was fascinated with all the albums by these dudes. This one is by far my favourite because of the topics it shows, it contains some of my favourite songs by them, it has an amazing and powerful hype as the album flows and its a wonderful piece of solid heavy metal. I managed to see them live at a festival the past summer, they are pretty energetic for a group of 150 year olds.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ArchDaeva - Illuminates Of Thanateros (2012) [Demo]

Album: Illuminates Of Thanateros
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Independent
Website: Blogspot

A new horde coming from Athens, Greece and im in touch with their bassist so i could get my hands on a copy of their debut demo. It is damn good and has an approach on that necrosound that many bands have applied to their music back in the day, im keen on listening to more stuff by them and its definitely a band to look out for. As for now, they are in the progress of recording songs and releasing a new album.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness (2002)

Album: Sons of Northern Darkness
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Website: Facebook

With a delay, i finally managed to bring up another post here, and its a band that no one is unfamiliar with. An admirable band, for the solid and unchanging attitude over the years, for the great music, for the video clips and the photo shoots (you gotta admit), for the unique views on the norwegian crimes -and this might be another phrase i'll be using from now on- and for all the memes that float around these days.

"Sons of Northern Darkness" is one of my favourite Immortal albums along with "In the Heart of Winter" and thats something that does not happen very often to me, i usually like the first albums of bands since most of them start to experiment and end up drowning in pig manure musically. This album has some really good songs and its a pleasure from the beginning to the end, it does not get repetitive, it has a clear production, it has the band members in funny positions on the cover and on the CD, it has Tyrants, it has everything.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Jethro Tull - Broadsword And The Beast (1982) [Remastered 2005]

Album: Broadsword And The Beast
Genre: Folk Rock
Label: Chrysalis Records
Website: Facebook

I think its time to add some rock albums in here, i don't have that many of them but they will be posted sometime. I gotta say, this is my latest purchase, i found it at the local store in town and it was really cheap, so i would not miss the opportunity. So, as i was randomly browsing the shop's shelves and sections looking for good music, i could not help but notice this kick ass artwork Jethro Tull have used on this album, and i mean kick-all-almost-viking-metal-covers ass. Thanks to Wikipedia, the wonderful runes all the way around the drawing are: I see a dark sail on the horizon, set under a black cloud that hides the sun. Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding. Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman. (and they are also lyrics on Broadsword).

This album is the 14th one by them, following the folk-influenced sound that they used for their early albums, mixing it with lots of acoustic parts and some electronic elements. Its a unique band with unique music and it worths your time/money/blood donation, you can use it as an easy-going break from the extreme metal you listen the rest of the day, or it is just me who does that. There are ear friendly melodies here and im sure you will enjoy them. Not to mention that the remastered version has, not one or two but 8 bonus songs, which is like bonus CD or something.

And minus the bloody pirate ship...

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Enthroned - The Blackened Collection (2004) [Compilation]

Album: The Blackened Collection [4CD]
Genre: Black Metal
Label:  Blackend Records
Quality: CD-Rips 320kbps
Website: Facebook / Myspace

I noticed that the views have gone up a bit lately, so as a thank you im giving out the "special package" i was talking about some days ago that was to be posted. Enthroned are one of the best black metal bands around, excellent in every way, both in music and out of it, so not one but four albums by them is a really nice experience for a critical thinking outlaw individual to enjoy, non-stop. That could be you. The first four Enthroned are included here, covering the 1995 - 2001 era of the band. I read at discogs that its a partly unofficial compilation, im not sure what that means exactly, but it sounded important.

Prophecies of Pagan Fire (1995)

An extraordinary album that was released during the best era of the genre. Its nothing but hateful anti-religious blasts and madness, its hell. The riffology does not stick to the typical black metal riffs, they have also put some synths without overdoing it, deep shrieked vocals similar to old Gorgoroth, but much better. I love the artwork here, i think its a complete album to be remembered. 

Towards the Skullthrone of Satan (1997)

Following the debut is an album in the same pace and philosophywith a little altered production, but still as clear and raw as it should at the same time. Lots of fans have been complaining about the songs getting repetitive in these album, i could not care less about this pointless downsite of the release, since its exactly the type of black metal that i fell in love with when i first listened.

The Apocalypse Manifesto (1999)
This album depicts the change of the band from primitive black metal to more of a studio sound. The album is not bad at all, i happen to prefer the first two much more though and thats all, its defenitely an album to check if you are getting into the band. Some pretty heavy songs are included here.

Armoured Bestial Hell (2001)

Last one of the collection, much different sound here as well, they totally abandoned the sound of their first releases as they got into the metal map, its not necessarily a bad thing to do and its an enjoyably album from start to finish.

I suggest you also listen to their newer albums, because they are fucking perfect.