Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Gam - Alt Hans Væsen

Black metal from Denmark.
Album out in 2023 through Den Ottende Kunst.
From the Rites of Pestilence Y.T. channel:
Gam's fiery debut full-length, arriving oen year after their first demo, "Hvisken fra Skyggernes Vrå".

Despite the greatness of their demo, "Alt Hans Væsen" is truly a triumph and step up from their previous work, indeed and "escalation on all fronts", this album takes on the old school approach of their previous record, reminiscing to me with bands like Helwetti or early DsO, but adds more elements and is definitely heightened by songwriting prowess.

A tremendous hymn of pagan fury and proudful heritage, Gam honors their ancestry through a no-fringes delivery of pure old school BM sound, definitely with some of the more Punk-ish, galloping elements of their compatriots in Skinliv and the Korpsand circle however. The Black Metal majesty is only interrupted by beautiful Folk passages, but indeed its musicianship is uncanny on all fronts, with the guitarwork remaining ever engaging and powerful, the drums having an absolutely barbaric but spot-on performance, and the vocals especially delivering with full fury on moments of unabashed assault, as well as might and epicness in moments grandeur.

Definitely one of the best old school Black Metal records to come out this year, which should not come as a surprise, having been released on tape through the excellent Den Ottende Kunst.

The A.C. report:

Music: 3.5
Production: 3
Vocals: 3.5
Text: 3
Cover art: 3.5
Originality: 3.5
Instrumentation: 3.5
Atmosphere: 3.5
Flow & cohesion: 3
Impact: 3
Replayability: 3.5
Innovation: 3

Overall: 3.3 out of 5 [Good / Great]

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ushangvagush - Pestmo'qon

Black metal from the United States.

Album out on September 22nd, 2023 through Realm and Ritual.

From the band's Bandcamp page:

The separation of the human mind and natures spirit has caused the starvation of this planet. The disconnection of earth and mind has destroyed the connection between humans, animals, and plants.
The growth has diminished creating starvation across a planet that is no longer home. The fear of a non-existent future deteriorates the mind, allowing the starvation of the human vessel.

We have reached a point of no return.


Pestmo’qon is the second full-length release from indigenous black metal project Ushangvagush. Composed of a monolithic 45 minute track, Pestmo’qon ( “Starvation” in the Mi’kmaq language) is a dense slab of obsidian darkness lamenting man’s ongoing destruction of the earth and the complete disconnect between the human mind and the spirit of nature.

Ushangvagush’s sole member, D, screams through grit teeth over furious guitars and pummeling drums, “scorch & take, doe, retreat back to the stolen world. the spirits no longer bathe. gatherers flown, fear for nothing. uncertainty awaits the putrid towers.” The raw anger only subsides in momentary waves throughout Pestmo’qon, with the last gasps of beauty fading in sun-laced ambient passages before being snuffed out and returning to bitter misery. Pestmo’qon is a painfully realized album, an immersive and emotive journey through destruction and loss–of nature and of culture–to the end of all things.

The A.C. report:

Music: 4
Production: 4
Vocals: 3.5
Text: 3.5
Cover art: 4.5
Originality: 4
Instrumentation: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Flow & cohesion: 3.5
Impact: 3.5
Replayability: 3.5 
Innovation: 3.5

Overall: 3.8 out of 5 [Excellent]

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Thorn - Evergloom

Doom / death metal from the Unites States
Album out on September 15th, 2023 through Transcending Obscurity Records
From the label's Bandcamp page:
Underground death metal heroes Thorn conjure up their third full length which is easily their most mature and immersive one yet. They've elevated their unique style of barbaric old school death metal blended with emotionally-charged atmospheric parts which very few bands are able to pull off convincingly. As if reminiscing about bittersweet memories, the music instinctively oscillates between angry, bludgeoning parts and poignant, wistful tunes. This contrast works beautifully for their kind of doomy death metal music, and even better so on this album which has more pronounced death metal influences along with comparatively more fleshed out structures. Interestingly, the songs on the album start getting more violent after the initial comforting lull, drawing in unsuspecting new listeners and preparing them for the ritualistic slaughter, after which they go back to their dreamlike state, closing with the triumphant title track which perfectly encapsulates their sound. Thorn have come up with a refreshing and fulfilling album that's just as powerful as it's evocative, and one that will be talked about for aeons to come.

FFO: Desecresy, Intestine Baalism, Edge of Sanity, Desultory, Fumes

The A.C. report:

  Music: 3.5
Production: 3
Vocals: 3
Text: 3
Cover art: 3.5
Originality: 3.5
Instrumentation: 3
Atmosphere: 3.5
Flow & cohesion: 3
Impact: 3
Replayability: 3 
Innovation: 3


Overall: 3.2 out of  5 [Good]


Sunday, September 17, 2023

Mortuary Ghoul - Friends with the Dead

Region: Ohio, United States
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

September 2023, Dismal Fate Records

Track listing:
1. Day of Horror 
2. Mummified Ma 
3. Obituary Indication
4. Friends with the Dead
5. Gore Decor
6. Fatal Reminder
7. Farmhouse Decay
8.Wages of Sin
9. Defiler of the Dead
10. Deranged

Strictly for fans of Mortician