Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tsjuder - Demonic Possession

Tsjuder (Norway)
Demonic Possession, 2002

1. Eriphion Epistates [3.5]
2. Demoner av Satans rike [3.5]
3. Ancient Hate [3.5]
4. Bloodshedding Horror [3.0]
5. Deathwish [3.0]
6. A Twisted Mind [3.0]
7. I-10 [3.0]
8. Primeval Fear [3.5]
9. Outro [3.0]

Result: [3.22/5]

Highlights: Eriphion Epistates, Demoner av Satans rike, Primeval Fear

Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

Anaal Nathrakh - The Lucifer Effect

"This next song is all about how, all of you people think you might be good people, but you are wrong. You are not. You are all subject to something called the Lucifer Effect."

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Arkona - Ziemia

November 4th, 2016
Debemur Morti Productions

Track listing:
1. Droga do ocalenia
2. Ziemia
3. Śmierć i odrodzenie
4. Nie dla mnie litość 
5. Lśnienie
6. Lunaris

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Forever Gloom: Ljå - Til avsky for livet

2006, Aftermath Music
Black Metal from Norway

1. Til Satan  
2. Til avsky for livet
3. Et barn er dødt i Betlehem
4. Vårtegn
5. Tilgi dem aldri 
6. Vådeskudd 
7. Svart 
8. Granatsjokk 
9. Blendende lys
10. Gjort til djevel

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trap Them - Crown Feral

1. Kindred Dirt
2. Hellionaires
3. Prodigala
4. Luster Pendulums
5. Malengines Here, Where They Should Be
6. Speak Nigh
7. Twitching In The Auras
8. Revival Spines
9. Stray Of The Tongue
10. Phantom Air

Monday, September 12, 2016

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Spire - Entropy

Getting into autumn with albums hoping to bring the cold in hell.

Through Iron fucking Bonehead Productions.
Listen from Bandcamp.

Earlier this year:

I'm also thinking of starting posts with playlists or track collections I like, there's too much music to sort vaguely in albums. Tracks need to be remembered. I'll see what I will do, don't go away please.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acherontas & Nastrond - Chthonic Libations (Collaboration)

"Acherontas and Nastrond join forces and auras for the first time, as an omnipotent primal force, to give birth to an innovative Opus of Esoteric Art and Ceremonial vision."

Listen to this Poison.

More stuff:

by Ahein Cied

by Ruho

by Wanton Lust

by Gespenst

Check out a new From the Vastland track.

I like random. Random likes me.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

You Will Never Be One Of Us

Hands down to the album that will unite all the fans of extreme sound, whatever their specific tastes are. Words are void of meaning when it comes to this goliath. I can't even. Get ready to be stomped to death by this beast. I am filled with joy, I am smiling and I don't care about my broken, bloodied teeth. 


Honoring the idol Jeff Whitehead for creating the mesmerising artwork, let's listen to this and this again.

Unrelated: Throane – Derrière-nous, La lumière Review

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Power of the demo: Volume 2

Coscradh - Demo MMXVI

Death Metal from Ireland.
Invictus Productions

Nyciene - Treacheries of The Anointed

Black Metal from the US.

Goath - Goath

Black / Death Metal from Germany.


Cerecloth - This Temple is a Grave

Death Metal from Sweden.
Bloodsoaked Records



VA: New Jersey Metal Attack Vol. 1


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Nachos - Apology

Final album, thank you for being around.


Tuesday, May 03, 2016

EP Invasion: Qrixkuor / Lord Mantis / Grave Miasma / Ithaqua

Qrixkuor - Three Devils Dance
Invictus Productions

Lord Mantis - Nice Teeth Whore
New Density

Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage
Sepulchral Voice Records


Ithaqua - The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse
Iron Bonehead Productions

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience

Metal Blade Records

1. Swarm
2. Synthetic Pathogenesis
4. Catalyst of Metamorphosis
5. Vigilant Ignorance
6. Irreversible 
7. Hopeless Masses
8. Assimilation
9. Cymatic Hallucinations
10. Consuming Infinity


Thursday, March 31, 2016

In the Spotlight: Moonsorrow / Izegrim / Ill Omen

The Good: Moonsorrow - Jumalten aika
Could this be the most devastating among the titans of viking black metal? I haven't discovered any other band with pure diamond albums only, Jumalten aika adding to the lot. It grabs you by the ears, it haunts you, it makes you ache the barbaric lives of ancient pagan heathens and totally rules you in it's will. Amazing.

The Bad: Izegrim - The Ferryman's End
Unliking this album makes me sad. It has such a kick ass cover. I was pumped to listen to it, I really wanted to love it and show it to my friends, so that they would see the beauty on the outside and the inside. However, it will probably stay as a wallpaper at best, because it turns out The Ferryman's End is juvenile new-sounding thrash / death with no purpose and horrible kid lyrics.

The Ugly: Ill Omen - Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift
Ill Omen is an ill omen. Moving at funereal pace, with lot's of dark ambient, whispering unfathomable lyrics, Ill Omen comes from the land that birthed Elysian Blaze and doesn't live much space for you to breathe. Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift might be considered short for it's kind, but it only takes a few minutes to suffocate anyway.

Last minute suggestion:

Friday, March 25, 2016

In the Spotlight: Artillery / Amon Amarth / Cobalt

The Good: Artillery - Penalty by Perception
I have never been the biggest follower of this band and any time I have spent listening to them in the past is because of their overall importance in the genre. Flirting with heavy metal, Penalty by Perception is really enjoyable because of it's energetic riffs and the power of the guitars / vocals. "Live by the Scythe", "Path of the Atheist" and "Mercy of Ignorance" are some of the best, while I don't think the mellow "When the Magic is Gone" was necessary... Anyhow, it's fun. [Listen]

The Bad: Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
Not one interesting song was written that day. Listening to this record feels like all the passion of Amon Amarth has been drained, bringing out an abject offering with a fancy cover as if it's targeted for 10 year old kids with a fixation for Hollywood made Northmen and not the real deal. Goofy compositions, even goofier lyrics... Regarding their more melodic era, how did it come from Twilight to this? At least the voice of Johan Hegg is still awesome. I had a dream that in a parallel universe, Hegg left the band to join and co-sing in Unleashed... Imagine that. Vivid. [Listen]

The Ugly: Cobalt - Slow Forever
I'm not so much into the band's previous albums, even though they are hailed as masterpieces all of them. Slow Forever is the comeback of the band after seven years of silence, the fans were crazy and when getting into it, it's a really interesting and addictive record. Stop what you're doing and listen to "Hunt the Bufallo", "King Rust" and "Elephant Graveyard". [Listen]

Last minute suggestion:

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interment - Scent of the Buried

Pulverized Records

1. Death and Decay
4. Repugnant Funeral
5. Scent of the Buried
6. Rise of the Dead
7. Unholy Upheaval 
8. Dawn of Blasphemy
9. Skull Crushing Carnage
10. Nailed to the Grave

From what I have heard so far, this is going to dominate the death metal department for the year. It's high time all of us listened to their 2010 debut to get ready.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

In the Woods - Heart of the Woods

Apparently, In the Woods are back and will release a new album named "Pure".

From Debemur Morti:
"17 protracted years after their last full-length, for the enjoyment of their fans, In the Woods... are finally poised to deliver a brand new record, soberly entitled "Pure". The band has given us further detail regarding this vastly anticipated new opus:
"Many will know that IN THE WOODS... has its roots in the early ‘90s Norwegian Black Metal scene. Over 3 well-received, pioneering and differing albums they sat naturally beside peers such as ANATHEMA, KATATONIA and OPETH until 2000 when the first phase of ‘In The Woods…’ disbanded.

Now in 2016, new album ‘Pure’ heralds the unexpected return of IN THE WOODS.... Core musicians Anders Kobro (drums) & Christian and Christopher Botteri (guitar and bass) - along with English musician James Fogarty (vocals, guitar, keys) – have forged an album of truly unique and timeless music.

"Pure" is an album that starts from an end and ends at a beginning. A record given life by the deaths of loved ones and which, by the album’s conclusion, has again given full life to a band that many fans doubted would ever re-emerge. Loaded with mystical, philosophical and transcendental themes, the lyrics explore the existential over the tangible medium of a heavy form of music that owes as much to ‘70s rock as it does to each member’s historic association with Black Metal."

Since good things should never come singularly, Debemur Morti Productions also give you the unmissable opportunity to (re)discover the three otherworldly classics released by the band 1995-1999. Indeed, the French label has reunited masterpieces "Heart Of The Ages", "Omnio" and "Strange In Stereo" for the first time in a luxurious coffret 6x12" LP box set and 3xCD box set.

As befits the label, the result is simply sumptuous. Both boxes (CD & LP) are encased in a beautiful slipcase with textured heavy black carton and contain, among other things, brand new artwork realized by the ultra-talented Dehn Sora, lyrics and an exclusive in-depth band story/interview by Yngve M. Jacobsen contained in a substantial book (+60 pages)."

Heart of the Woods
is a package with their full length discography, which is longer than you think.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Power of the demo: Volume 1

Filthdigger (Norway) - Demo 4
Young blood from Oslo, Norway delivering the dirtiest death metal. Make sure to listen to the band's previous three demos as well, because all of them kick ass. The clock for a full record is ticking. 

Independent release, February 2016. [Listen]


Vulture (Germany) - Victim to the Blade:
Sharing members with Wifebeater and Bulldozing Bastard, Vulture is speed metal act executed by the passionate maniacs of the genre. Only the self-titled track is available online so far and it's thunderous. The band has started touring and playing shows, so watch out for them in the near future.

Independent release, January 2016 [Listen]

Barbaric Horde (Portugal) - Gasmask Perpetrators:
Ok, you people know whether you should listen to this or not. A good first effort, the guys should aim to include more dominant drums though.

Through War Arts Productions, January 2016. [Listen]

Utzalu (US) - Germinal:
In case you didn't know, Vrasubatlat is a label - circle connected with the underbelly of Portland's music scene, meaning bands like Ash Borer and Triumvir Foul. Utzalu is of the same elements, practising middle paced noisy blackness.

Through Vrasubatlat, January 2016. [Listen]


Also check out:

Monday, February 08, 2016

Defiled Light - Untitled

A great compilation of this underground label, containing mainly obscure bands. Sanguine Relic and Orgy of Carrion were among my favorites, even though I knew very few bands out of the pack.

Only lo-fi is real.

Track listing:

1. Ghaisiuan - Untitled
2. Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - The Tormented Wolf Strikes Fierce
3. Atel - Prison of Insomnia
4. Gratified - Untitled
5. Störmkrieg - At War With Mankind
6. Bastard of Majesty Sin - Untitled
7. Diocese - Father Night Road
8. Nyciene - Lost in The Betrayal of the Forgotten Colony
9. Orgy of Carrion - Burying Human Life Under The Bodies of Gods
10. God Cage - Untitled
11. Untitled
12. Sanguine Relic - Untitled

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Grá - Ending

IMMENSE album. I don't know if you have noticed, but this band has never released anything mediocre.

Track listing:

1. Väntan
2. Þar til eldurinn mig gleypir
3. He Who Comes
4. Där skuggor dröjer kvar
5. Ruiner
6. Helfärd pt. III (Den gamle)
7. I döden
8. Fri
9. Ending