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Gam - Alt Hans Væsen

Ushangvagush - Pestmo'qon

Thorn - Evergloom

Mortuary Ghoul - Friends with the Dead

Dvorac - On the Wings of Unknown

Kommodus - Wreath of Bleeding Snow

Ascendency - A Manifest of Imperious Destiny EP

Iskandr - Euprosopon

Serpent Column - Kathodos

Panopticon - Cedar Skeletons

Ebony Pendant - Ebony Pendant

Fear and Filth - Blessed Be

Helleruin - Devils, Death and Dark Arts

Undergang & Spectral Voice - Split

AI answers: Altars of Madness or Scream Bloody Gore?

Brutal Truth - Need to Control

Deeds of Flesh - Trading Pieces

Bullet Ratings - May '23

Absu - Tara

Covenant - In Times Before the Light

Top 5 Greek brutal death metal albums

Hacavitz - Venganza

Perished - Seid

VoidCeremony - Threads of Unknowing Review

Dødheimsgard - Black Medium Current Review

S​ó​l án varma - S​ó​l án varma Review

Kommand - Death Age Review

Unpure - Prophecies Ablaze Review

Devangelic - Xul Review

Lamp of Murmuur - Saturnian Bloodstorm Review

Mork - Dypet Review

Spectral Lore - 11 Days EP Review

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