Older reviews had a rating system out of 10, but as of 2021, this has changed. Of course, the essence remains the same.

5: Masterpiece | A timeless work of art, perfect in all ways and quintessential for any listener.
4.5: Brilliant Awesome work of top-notch quality that is worth the time and investment.
4: Excellent Potent and powerful, stands above most of what's out there.
3.5: Great Wonderful, with a lot of fine moments.
3: Good | Solid, all in all acceptable.
2.5: Average | Indifferent release that doesn't stick in memory.
2: Below Average | Could have been quite better with several changes.
1.5: Bad | Mostly inadequate album that doesn't make the cut.
1: Really poor | Failing record, full of weaknesses.
0.5: Worthless | Not even out of curiosity this deserves time or attention.
0: Complete failure | Disastrous without any good point, an embarrassing release to be avoided.

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