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Bullet Ratings - October 21 [II]

Apparition (US) - Feel (Profound Lore Records): The band's first EP was a 12 minute delight, and their debut full length is just an extended version of the same joy. Well produced, hefty doom / death metal with great riffs in all the right places, this album deserves to circulate among fans of the genre. [3.5/5] Cradle of Filth (UK) - Existence is Futile (Nuclear Blast): I would prefer not to. [2/5] Dark Fog Eruption (Japan) — 忘却と絢爛の幻想 (Self-released): Completely unaware of this project, their second release since 2019's debut is a wholly enjoyable piece of work. Dark Fog Eruption mostly rely on patterns of the traditional black metal framework, often reminded me of the melodic techniques of German / Finnish bands, with a more unique semi-growling voice instead of shrieking. Listen to this if you like Sargeist! [3/5] Feral Season (US) - Rotting Body in the Range of Light (Profound Lore Records): Took a serious note on this band. A highly immersive release with intriguing conten

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