AOTY 2016 - Chapter 3: Top Greek Black Metal

I think I will make it a tradition to make a separate list for Greek black metal every year, as well as digging into older releases from our scene.

Top 6 Greek Black Metal albums:

More good albums:

Chaosbaphomet - Promethean Black Flame
Deus Ignotus - Hexapterygon
Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem in Blue
Kawir - Father - Sun Mother Moon
Primeval Mass - To Empyrean Thrones
Principality of Hell - Sulfur & Bane

Notable EPs:

Wolfhowl - The Purity of Mother Nature
Cult of Eibon - Fullmoon Invocation
Ithaqua - The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse
Burial Hordes - Extinction
Zemial - The Repairer of Reputations

There were many split releases but I didn't manage to check much, other than Enshadowed / Disolvo Animus and Slidhr / Acherontas. I wanted to listen to that interesting looking Nefarious Spirit demo too.

Και φυσικά:


  1. Another great year for Greek Black Metal indeed. I got late on this one but I really digged Natvre's Wrath.
    Also, I was impressed with Aenaon as well.

    1. Yeah, Wrath by Natvre is good but for 2015.

      If you have time, check the albums of Nox Formulae and Apognosis, I was blown away by these two newcomer bands.

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  3. A great new entrance in December 2016 was the debut rehearsal demo, of Hellenic Black Oldschool-ers, Synteleia. Their Astral Blasphemies demo is very promising and so atmospheric! Check them here: