Monday, December 22, 2014

Arson Awards 2014: Top 100 metal albums [Part I]

Dividing the list into four pieces, including artwork and links, is always better than a long text list. Maybe it's less likely to completely ignore the albums too, but I've never gone down that path, really. Once again, 2014 left us with a fuckload of music and you never have the time to listen to everything, so for this year I will not include any worst album lists and the likes so that i'll stick to being positive. It's all great, everything's great. Don't forget to autistically knock your head over a wall while listening to each and every one of these records, as a token of appreciation for me doing the same thing all year now just to compile this list.

100. Entrench - Violent Procreation
Genre: Thrash Metal

99. Brutality Will Prevail - Suspension Of Consciousness
Genre: Hardcore / Metal

98. Vesania - Deus Ex Machina
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

97. Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
Genre: Death Metal

96. Revel In Flesh - Death Kult Legions
Genre: Death Metal

95. Wolvhammer - Crawling Into Black Sun
Genre: Blackened Sludge

94. Ascension – The Dead of the World
Genre: Black Metal

93. Fen - Carrion Skies
Genre: Post-Black Metal

92. Vaiya - Remnant Light
Genre: Black Metal / Ambient

91. Thanatos - Global Purification
Genre: Death Metal

90. Herder - Gods
Genre: Sludge / Stoner Metal / Hardcore

89. Piss Vortex - Piss Vortex
Genre: Grindcore

88. Horsehunter - Caged In Flesh
Genre: Sludge / Doom Metal

87. Abigor - Leytmotif Luzifer-The 7 Temptations Of Man
Genre: Black Metal

86. Trap Them - Blissfucker
Genre: Hardcore

85. Pyre - Human Hecatomb
Genre: Death Metal

84. Serpent Venom - Of Things Seen and Unseen
Genre: Doom Metal

83. Innsmouth - Consumed by Elder Sign
Genre: Death Metal

82. Nunslaughter - Angelic Dread
Genre: Black / Death Metal

81. Mass Infection - For I Am Genocide
Genre: Death Metal

80. The Wisdoom – Hypothalamus
Genre: Stoner / Doom Metal

79. Mutilation Rites – Harbringer
Genre: Black Metal

78. Nocturnal - Storming Evil
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal

77. Morbus Chron - Sweven
Genre: Avantgarde Death Metal

76. Below - Across The Dark River
Genre: Doom Metal

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