Dec 27, 2014

Arson Awards 2014: Top 100 metal albums [Part IV]

Marking the year's death.

Top 100 metal albums:



25. Thaw - Earth Ground
Genre: Black Metal / Crust

I didn't get into their first record but they convinced me with this one. Standing out is the stunning guitar work, which builds up the band's atmosphere and twists the listener's touch with reality, I think Thaw achieved something here.

24. The Oath – The Oath
Genre: Heavy / Doom Metal

Newcomer all-female heavy metal, with a few occult rock influences and a logo designed by Eric from Watain. Well, I tend to replay the first five tracks of the record again and again, even though all of them are lively, effective and entertaining. It's not like this is a game changing record, but still I enjoyed it more than most heavy metal this year.

23. Earthship – Withered
Genre: Progressive / Stoner Rock / Post-Metal

Earthship come from Berlin, Germany and they are a project of The Ocean's drummer Jan Oberg. I was stunned when I listened to this record, which fuses different elements perfectly and stands strong in terms of originality and composition. I had to go down on their previous two records after it.

22. Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
Genre: Black / Doom / Death Metal

Just saying that I like this more than Eparistera Daimones. Extremely well thought, worked on and all in all outstanding.

21. Den Saakaldte - Faen I Helvete
Genre: Black Metal

When All Hail Pessimism was released, I praised it very much. It was an instant approval from my part so I went on and listened to everything else the band had released back then. It was few but legit releases. Five years of silence and they return with two splits and a full length this year, along with a different sound. More mechanized, but still really good to me.

20. Misery Index – The Killing Gods
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore

I don't remember if I ever fully enjoyed an album by these guys, but this is something different and really cool too. Full of heavy moments, it included some memorable tracks like the self-titled and “The Weakener”. Misery Index surpassed themselves this year, for me.

19. Spectral Lore – III
Genre: Ambient Black Metal

One of the most dreamy, classical drived, musically rich and intriguing acts from Greece. I admire this album more than any other they have released. I can't suggest this band enough to everyone and I have a feeling they are not getting the attention they deserve.

18. Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus
Genre: Black Metal

This is a band that has been constantly improving with every release. Ego Dominus Tuus is majestic and epic, it includes monstrous vocals and cutting guitar lines, depicting maybe the best moments of the band as well.

17. Cormorant - Earth Diver
Genre: Progressive / Folk / Black Metal

The band's previous record Dwellings had made it first in my 2011 toplist and I have been watching them ever since. Earth Diver is also spectacular, once again fabricating an excellent atmosphere with the band's unique style. These musicians have a vision for their music and that wins my respect anytime.

16. The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master
Genre: Black Metal

One release very close to the original sound of True Norwegian Black Metal, without being a piece that we have heard a thousand times before, replicated by everyone. The two people in this band know what's what in the genre and they composed an album which deserves the “all cold” description. It is like, all cold.

15. Vampire – Vampire
Genre: Thrash / Death Metal

I have been tracking this band since it's baby steps some years ago, with two quite solid releases (an EP and a demo) before their debut full length. Vampire have, above all, great vocals and really addictive riffs. There is a lot of energy in this record and the extra short clean or piano parts, are also amazing.  

14. Sinmara – Aphotic Womb
Genre: Black Metal

I'll throw some key words in here. Iceland, formerly known as Chao, including Svartidauði members. A supreme black metal record!

13. Earth & Pillars - Earth I
Genre: Ambient Black Metal

Another newcomer and surprisingly good band. Italians Earth & Pillars play a more introverted, nature-worshipping, droning style of black metal, with a monotonous atmosphere, reminding me a bit of specific Xasthur moments. I love everything about this release and it's perfect for the quiet hours.

12. Nidsang - Into the Womb of Dissolving Flames
Genre: Black Metal

These Swedes know how it is done. The record has a great production and amazing guitar lines, what got me into them in the first place. I would say the fall somewhere between Swedish melodic black and orthodox black metal, executed perfectly.

11. Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter
Genre: Black Metal

 I was taken by surprise by how great this album is. I knew Satanic Warmaster for being raw and primitive and they were really good at it, but Fimbulwinter is steps ahead in terms of variety and song writing, as if the band has suddenly improved very much. It was the right decision to make this a full band instead of an one-man project.

10. Alestorm – Sunset on the Golden Age
Genre: Pirate Metal

 It looks like these guys don't really fit in the rest of this list. However, I have been in love with their crazy style since the release of their second record and they have never failed to lighten up my partying moments. Moving on, their new album is the most complete pirate metal album of the recent years, if not ever, having both the sound and the musical background to support it. I just find them fascinating.

9. Electric Wizard – Time to Die
Genre: Doom / Stoner Metal

Thumbs up to the best stoner / doom act of all time. Time To Die is another masterpiece with jaw dropping riffs and atmosphere. 

-We are Lucifer's slaves-

8. Taake – Stridens Hus
Genre: Black Metal

This might be too high in this list or any list, since I has been described more than one time as not the brightest moment in Taake's carreer. However, it all works fine in my head. I still believe this is one of the Norwegian bands that doesn't compromise, and to me Stridens Hus is a brilliant record with classic Taake sound and new elements to show to the listener. 

7. Behemoth – The Satanist
Genre: Black / Death Metal

When Nergal suffered from leykaimia, several devout Christians approached him trying to convince him it's never too late, stuff like that. Not only did he survive, but he also released what seems to be the best album in Behemoth's discography. I was excited when I heard about a new album by the band, but this is them in absolute force.

6. Thy Darkened Shade - Liber Lvcifer I
Genre: Black Metal

When technicality is introduced to black metal, it's very easy for a band to take a misstep and go off the rails, becoming unbearable to listen to. The case with Thy Darkened Shade is exactly the opposite, since they have composed a record that takes the genre itself to a new level. An excellent effort, in terms of music and composition, what once was growing potential in their first record is now a monolithic titan shaking the foundations of extreme music. This needs more listeners, if not all listeners.

5. Sun Worship – Elder Giants
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

This band had made it really high in my last year's Eps list so I had them under my radar for a new record. Elder Giants is even better than I expected, containing four killer tracks of captivating atmospheric black metal. It held me down concentrated to it's brilliance more than any other album of the same style this year. 

4. Kampfar – Djevelmakt
Genre: Black Metal

I always liked Kampfar to a degree of regular listening, but nothing had passed as overwhelming until this record. Djevelmakt is the most interesting and coherent album they have put out to date and it's surrounding atmosphere is above all for the first time. The harsh vocals, the beautiful guitar lines, the use of keys and various instruments won me, with “Mylder”, “Fortapelse” and “Blod, Eder og Galle” being some of my favourite tracks by the band.

3. Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Genre: Black / Celtic Metal

One must certainly go through this band's discography at least one time in their life, for it is a thrilling experience only they can deliver. Where Greater Men Have Fallen tops the previous record and includes anthem songs for all the Primordial fans to shout along the lyrics to. It is memorable top-notch musicianship and amazing at all levels. 

2. Dead Congregation - Promulgation of the Fall
Genre: Death Metal

The band's debut is already a death metal classic and it's follower underwent great anticipation by many fans of the genre. I hoped Dead Congregation didn't screw up and they rewarded me with yet another flawless, massively powerful record like Promulgation of the Fall. I liked the fact that they mixed fast paced parts with slower tempos, they once again wrote some of the most punishing riffs of this year's death metal. After six years of waiting, it is perfect.

1. Anaal Nathrakh – Desideratum
Genre: Black Metal / Noise / Grindcore

I developed deep admiration and love for this band this year, to a point that I feel that I've been neglecting them for a long time, and this happened before they released their new album Desideratum. I know it might not be the best album of the year but it feels like it to me and there are no words to describe how well it arrived, crushed everything and made a throne of my life's remains. Not many bands play with the limits of chaotic noise and audibility this good, and the electronic elements are more than fine, they are great. End of story.


Till next time, fuckers.


  1. Great list, didn't expect to see Earth & Pillars. Awesome!

    1. Yes, they're here :) Always fond of strong nature worship.

  2. Ótima lista! escutei muitos cd's que voce listou aqui! Thanks and hail

  3. thanks for the list and perseverance... Don't know if I missed it, but abigor's latest and lycifyre also was excellent...Necros Christos EP slayed...

    1. As with Abigor, I found it great at first, even though for some reason I didn't come back to it many times during the year. Same goes for Lycifyre. Both albums are claimed as top notch anyway!

      Of course, Necros Christos released an amazing EP.


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