Feb 8, 2016

Defiled Light - Untitled

A great compilation of this underground label, containing mainly obscure bands. Sanguine Relic and Orgy of Carrion were among my favorites, even though I knew very few bands out of the pack.

Only lo-fi is real.

Track listing:

1. Ghaisiuan - Untitled
2. Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect - The Tormented Wolf Strikes Fierce
3. Atel - Prison of Insomnia
4. Gratified - Untitled
5. Störmkrieg - At War With Mankind
6. Bastard of Majesty Sin - Untitled
7. Diocese - Father Night Road
8. Nyciene - Lost in The Betrayal of the Forgotten Colony
9. Orgy of Carrion - Burying Human Life Under The Bodies of Gods
10. God Cage - Untitled
11. Untitled
12. Sanguine Relic - Untitled

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