Mar 17, 2020

Lockdown Chronicles - 90's Black Metal Playlist [1]

Since there is a lot of free time now, I made a playlist with black metal tracks from the nineties, and tried to diverge a bit from the most popular bands of that time, as well as aimed for mini-releases of various artists (but of course, not always). All of these are recordings from that time period, regardless of when they were released. More are coming.

Track listing:

01. Horna (Fin) - Imperial Devastation
02. Zephyrous (Gre) - The Frozen Path Of Timeless Wisdom And Trance
03. Amestigon (Aut) - Stormlord
04. Mortuary Drape (Ita) - Funeral Chant
05. Bloodhammer (Fin) - Holocaust In Heaven
06. Inflabitan (Nor) - Illusjonen
07. Nåstrond (Swe) - Gravestench
08. Musta Surma (Fin) - Rjena
09. Nifelheim (Swe) - Black Curse
10. Tenebrae In Perpetuum (Ita) - Tenebrae In Perpetuum

Total run time: 00:46:18


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