Mar 10, 2020

Royal Blood - Royal Blood (2014)

Artist: Royal Blood
Origin: Brighton, United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock
Album: Royal Blood
Year: 2014

Track listing:

1. Out of the Black
2. Come On Over
3. Figure It Out
4. You Can Be So Cruel
5. Blood Hands
6. Little Monster
7. Loose Change
8. Careless
9. Ten Tonne Skeleton
10. Better Strangers


While I think I will never get into their second album How Did We Get So Dark?, this was a breath of fresh air from the alternative rock scene for me and I was quite impressed by the power they delivered in just a drums - bass setup. Most of the tracks are catchy as hell and easy to listen to, simple and great at the same time.


Purchase: 12" LP from VelvetMusic in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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