Saturday, April 11, 2020

Lockdown Chronicles #6

Art: John Anster Fitzgerald - The Artist's Dream

"I think that in bringing sanity to our intoxicated age, history has an important part to play. I do not mean that this is to be brought about by any supposed ‘lessons of history’, or indeed by anything easily put into a verbal formula. What history can and should do, not only for historians but for all whose education has given them any breadth of outlook, is to produce a certain temper of mind, a certain way of thinking and feeling about contemporary events and their relation to the past and the future. 

I do not know whether one should accept Cornford’s thesis that Thucydides modelled his history on Attic tragedy; but, if he did, the events that he recorded fully justified his doing so, and the Athenians, if they had seen themselves in the light of actors in a possible tragedy, might have had the wisdom to avert the tragic outcome. It is an ancient doctrine that tragedy comes of hubris, but it is none the less true for being ancient, and hubris recurs in every age among those who have forgotten the disasters to which it has always led. In our age, mankind collectively has given itself over to a degree of hubris surpassing everything known in former ages."


1. Gnaw their Tongues & Dragged Into Sunlight - Alchemy In The Subyear
2. Asagraum - Black Sun Prayer
3. El-Ahrairah - Stone Throwers
4. Nocternity - Opaline Eye of Death
5. Gormanudr - Portal
6. Hæthen - Taking the Auspices
7. Vilkacis - Defiance
8. Black Vice - Emergence
9. Ildjarn - Eksistensens Jeger

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