May 29, 2020

Behemoth are not in a forest anymore

News of coming Behemoth material are very hard to miss now and their new EP is a mini-release consisting of their adaptation of The Cure's classic song "A Forest", a live version of that and a couple of tracks from the I Loved You At Your Darkest time. Nergal also got ridiculously photogenic Niklas Kvarforth for a very fancy video clip, who was hired for his "psychotic appearance, attitude and vibe". If you're giggling already, just wait to watch the actual video.

While I enjoy the Shining albums, Kvarforth has been a shameless sell-out for many years now and just the fact that one person can maintain a self-destructive project for more than two decades gives me the shivers. Behemoth's The Satanist will probably be the last album I will enjoy by them, even if the affection has faded a bit after six years of listening, and I Loved You At Your Darkest really wasn't for me.

In my opinion, they didn't serve any good justice to the song at all, it doesn't fit their style and it was a baffling listen, apparently overproduced with a high budget, as Behemoth in general for some reason choose to come out as some kind of evil Power Rangers. The edge has completely disappeared from this band by now, so if you want some painfully mainstream metal just check it, but be careful if you are fans of The Cure. Frankly, Carpathian Forest did a much better job covering this specific track.

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