Top 10 non-metal albums of 2021

I always like to fool myself that I'm diverse but I'm not. I tried to make a mixed list with all my music listens back in 2015, and only one non-metal album made it to the top 20, namely mouse on the keys' The Flowers of Romance, which I still listen to today, so it was well placed. After that, it was a Merzbow album at #47, so yes it wouldn't make sense for me. I listen to such albums at different times, but the real problem lies in that I can't properly compare all releases together, under the same perspective. Anyway!

Arson Cafe's
top 10 non-metal albums of 2021

10. Jess and the Ancient Ones - Vertigo
9. MONO – Pilgrimage of the Soul
8. Fire! - Defeat
7. Maybeshewill - No Feeling Is Final
6. Foudre! - Future Sabbath
5. Filmmaker – Vlad Tapes
4. Iceage – Seek Shelter
3. CHVRCHES – Screen Violence
2. cursetheknife – Thank You For Being Here
1. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

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