Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Deeds of Flesh - Trading Pieces

Before the modern day studio effect pollution, this is how death metal albums used to sound like. Debut by now legends Deeds of Flesh came out as organic and as thick as they could make it, in about the middle of the best decade ever. 

All instruments sound perfectly organic, it's quite technical, the production is perfect and the drums are way above average. Simple and ugly lyrics throughout, and lot's of tempo changes as well as great guitar riffs.

Good first step for the band, especially after an equally juicy EP a year earlier, Gradually Melted. Trading Pieces can be there for all your death metal cravings. [4/5 - Excellent]

1. Carnivorous Ways
2. Born Then Torn Apart
3. Trading Pieces
4. Hunting Humans
5. Impious Offerings
6. Acid Troops
7. Deeds of Flesh
8. Erected on Stakes
9. Chunks in the Shower
10. Blasted
11. Outro

Autumn 1996, Repulse Records

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