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Top 5 Greek brutal death metal albums

I consider the Greek brutal death metal scene a relatively secluded little island with a few inhabitants, not really getting bigger or smaller, but still with its own identity and impact on the rest of the world. It’s not nearly as populated as, let’s say, black metal, but some of the bands within, active or not, have reached numerous of the bigger labels dedicated to the genre.

The first and more distinct work in this direction has been, in my opinion, Inveracity’s first demo Defeated Humans Raped in 2000. There were slight hints in the 90’s as well, but never amounted to a full length album, mostly demos like for example Disembowel’s Uncurable Wounds in 1995 (very fuzzy guitars, growls and general feel that reminded of early Suffocation) or the early attempts of Atavism, a goregrind project with heavy sample use and grooves in the likes of Mortician.

Things took real form when Inveracity’s debut full length album Circle of Perversion came out in 2003 through Unmatched Brutality Records (who also handled Brodequin and Cerebral Effusion at the time). At that point, there were some more bands already with mini-releases, like Vulnus, Extreme Violence and Fleshart. Notable is another full record one year earlier than Circle of Perversion, Evade’s Beyond the Logical Patterns of Thought. Not with the traditional brutal death metal topics or visuals, but still fitting if one considers the dusty production, a handful of familiar patterns and the record’s length of mere 17 minutes.

By now, the number of bands with releases during the last decade are enough to conclude that there actually is a brutal death metal scene in Greece. Below are the personal top 5 albums from a pool of around 40 that I am aware of, and hopefully will find out more in the future.

5. Cease of Breeding - Sounds of Disembowelment

2010, Amputated Vein Records

I don’t remember when and where, but it might be the case that I came across Cease of Breeding even before Inveracity, without even knowing there were Greek bands like that. Sounds of Disembowelment sounds exactly like what I expect from such a record. Knuckle-bleeding production, violent and ugly, it feels like watching classic horror on Valentine’s day.

4. Remnants of Flesh - Degenerated Human Cells

2009, Sevared Records

Unfortunately short-lived, Remnants of Flesh had a short EP out in 2007 but it’s this album that basically shows what the band is about. Quite heavy and fast-paced death metal with gory lyrics, some pig squeals and harsh enough sound. Members of the project have been involved also to a few names that will be dropped just below, and later.

3. Abnormal Inhumane - Consuming the Infinity

2016, New Standard Elite

They made their mark with their debut Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide in 2011, and the second album Consuming the Infinity showed how they had progressed. Top-notch musicianship all across, seriously brutal and exploring new lyrical themes of the universe and science fiction.

2. Birth of Depravity - The Coming of the Ineffable

2012, Inherited Suffering Records

Under this name, they have also released an incredibly good album in 2017 named From Obscure Domains, yet I still remember the blast I had the first time I discovered The Coming of the Ineffable 10 years, with the greatness starting from the stunning cover. The record’s serious highlight is also the vocals, and the excellent lyrics.

1. Inveracity - Extermination of Millions

2007, Unique Leader Records

My lists are always one album per band and that’s why Circle of Perversion is not at no. 2, but generally speaking, Inveracity has always been one league ahead in terms of brutal death metal in Greece. Exceptionally technical, excellent flow, extremely heavy, but almost even easy to listen to and with a lot of memorable tracks. Not only a landmark album, but a must mention when it comes to modern extreme metal from the country.

Some unmentioned releases that are also recommended:

  • Aceptic Goitre - The Purging (2017)
  • Blasted Pancreas - Pathogenic Organisms in Blood (2022)
  • Birth Through Gore - The Culmination Conquest (2015)
  • Embryectomy - Flamethrower Ecdysis (2020)
  • Extreme Violence - Ecstasy in Pain (2005)
  • Fleshart - Art Brut EP (2002)
  • Human Rejection - Decrepit to Insanity (2009)
  • Incineration - Blasphemous Theologies (2007)
  • Mortal Torment - Cleaver Redemption (2015)
  • Obscence - Screams of Agony EP (2001)
  • Obscene Evisceration - Despotism of Lust and Death EP (2019)

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