Dec 19, 2015

The death of 2015: Top 10 EPs

It's that time of the year, you know. As I've told before, even if I never write for this blog again, I will come back at the end of the year to post the end year lists I had in mind, so at least you can sleep well on that thought. I didn't catch up with too many demos this time and there will only be 10 EPs, I'm thinking of more stuff to come and of course a big album list will headline the series. If you're reading this, thanks for arriving here after all this time.


10. Barghest – Into Weeping Firmament
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Louisiana, US

9. Grimoire - L'aorasie Des Spectres Reveurs
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Origin: Canada

8. Malthusian – Below the Hengiform
Genre: Black / Death Metal
Origin: Ireland

7. Ramlord – Ramlord
Genre: Crust Punk / Black Metal
Origin: New Hampshire, US

6. Barús - Barús
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: France
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5. Hades – Pyre Era, Black!
Genre: Viking Black Metal
Origin: Norway

4. Urfaust – Apparitions
Genre: Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal
Origin: Holland

3. Vampire – Cimmerian Shade
Genre: Death / Thrash Metal
Origin: Sweden

2. Possession - 1585-1646
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
Origin: Belgium

☆ 1. Nigredo - Facets of Death 
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Greece


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