Dec 21, 2015

The death of 2015: Top 10 thrash metal albums

I didn't really plan it to happen but since the albums got together, why not... It's not a genre I examined closely this year though and it's not something I examine closely in general. Some of it always feels good though!

10. Alcoholator - Escape from Reality
 Origin: Canada
Label: High Roller Records

9. Bonehunter – Evil Triumphs Again
Origin: Finland
Label: Hells Headbangers Records

8. Ultra-Violence - Deflect the Flow
Origin: Italy
Label: Candlelight Records

7. Sakrificer - Desolate Darkness
Origin: California, US
Label: False Cause

 6. Inculter - Persisting Devolution
Origin: Norway
Label: Edged Circle Productions

5. Dew-Scented - Intermination

Origin: Germany
Label: Prosthetic Records

4. Satyrasis - ...Of the Dead
Origin: Michigan, US
Label: Seventh Door Records

3. Soulfly - Archangel
Origin: Brazil / US
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

2. Black Fast - Terms of Surrender
Origin: Missouri, US
Label: Entertainment One

1. Deathhammer - Evil Power
Origin: Norway
Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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