Top 15 Greek Releases of 2019

Instead of releasing one post every other day close to the ending of the year, and since it's unclear to me how much time i will have later in December, I will be posting some lists throughout the whole month. The fuller list will be posted at the end as the always, which is worked on since a week ago. Every year I usually cover EPs, Greek metal, generally good albums, I decided to stop mentioning disappointments separately since 2013, a non-metal and a metal list, so I will follow this recipe for 2019 but with slight deviations. Here are my favorite releases from Greece for the year, which are mixed from everything I listened to. I expected more from some bands, other bands surprised me, yet apart from a couple of exceptions I don't prefer 2019 over the previous years when it comes to the country's music.


15. Dark Messiah - Echoes of War [Listen]
14. Murder Made God - Endless Return [Listen]
13. Akantha - Baptism in Psychical Analects [Listen]
13. Sores - Sores [Listen]
12. Darchon - Οἰωνός [Listen]
11. Arthuros - Ithildin [Listen]
10. Ectoplasma - White-Eyed Trance [Listen]
9. Antimob - II [Listen]
8. Planet of Zeus - Faith in Physics [Listen]
6. Aiμα - Tragos [Listen]
7. Their Methlab - The Last Second [Listen]
6. Chronoboros - The Mass Saw Acres of Chain [Listen]
5. Apognosis - Dominion in Polarity [Listen]
4. Order of the Ebon Hand - VII: The Chariot [Listen]
3. Dizziness - Reroute [Listen]
2. Xylouris White - The Sisypheans [Listen]
1. Akrotheism - Law of Seven Deaths [Listen]

Apart from the full lengths, a few mini-albums also made it out (in no particular order):

Human Serpent - The Vacuity (EP)
Stiletto - Poserkiller (Demo)
Hate Manifesto - Herald of Triumph (EP)
Askalaphos - Demo 
Utkena - The Firmament's Hand (EP)
Amestigon / Heretic Cult Redeemer (Split)
Imprecation / Black Blood Invocation (Split)



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