Dec 4, 2019

Top 15 Greek Releases of 2019

Instead of releasing one post every other day close to the ending of the year, and since it's unclear to me how much time i will have later in December, I will be posting some lists throughout the whole month. The fuller list will be posted at the end as the always, which is worked on since a week ago. Every year I usually cover EPs, Greek metal, generally good albums, I decided to stop mentioning disappointments separately since 2013, a non-metal and a metal list, so I will follow this recipe for 2019 but with slight deviations. Here are my favorite releases from Greece for the year, which are mixed from everything I listened to. I expected more from some bands, other bands surprised me, yet apart from a couple of exceptions I don't prefer 2019 over the previous years when it comes to the country's music.


15. Dark Messiah - Echoes of War [Listen]
14. Murder Made God - Endless Return [Listen]
13. Akantha - Baptism in Psychical Analects [Listen]
13. Sores - Sores [Listen]
12. Darchon - Οἰωνός [Listen]
11. Arthuros - Ithildin [Listen]
10. Ectoplasma - White-Eyed Trance [Listen]
9. Antimob - II [Listen]
8. Planet of Zeus - Faith in Physics [Listen]
6. Aiμα - Tragos [Listen]
7. Their Methlab - The Last Second [Listen]
6. Chronoboros - The Mass Saw Acres of Chain [Listen]
5. Apognosis - Dominion in Polarity [Listen]
4. Order of the Ebon Hand - VII: The Chariot [Listen]
3. Dizziness - Reroute [Listen]
2. Xylouris White - The Sisypheans [Listen]
1. Akrotheism - Law of Seven Deaths [Listen]

Apart from the full lengths, a few mini-albums also made it out (in no particular order):

Human Serpent - The Vacuity (EP)
Stiletto - Poserkiller (Demo)
Hate Manifesto - Herald of Triumph (EP)
Askalaphos - Demo 
Utkena - The Firmament's Hand (EP)
Amestigon / Heretic Cult Redeemer (Split)
Imprecation / Black Blood Invocation (Split)



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