Sunday, December 08, 2019

Top 10 Beers Tried in 2019

Until last year, I was a low hanging fruit when it came to the world of beer, in fact I thought it wasn't worth the time or money. Just a few months ago I decided to look into it more after a talk with some friends, and this realization became reality. The variety in taste and experimentation of beer brewing is much vaster than you think, and after it grows on you, it gets clearer and clearer that exploring craft breweries is one of the best activities on planet earth. I only got Untappd in April so that's when I starting having a helper of keeping track, yet I don't think I tried anything too extraordinary before that. I'm open for a judgmental deconstruction from all the beer experts out there, keep in mind though that I don't care about other important parts of my life, so imagine how much I don't care about you. I grew a love for stouts (rule of thumb in life is, the darker it is, the better!) so the first spots are occupied accordingly. 

10. The Lost Abbey - Judgement Day | Quadruple Ale - ABV: 10.2%
9. Katsika | Pale Ale - ABV: 5.4%
8. Orkney Brewery - Skull Splitter | Scotch Ale - ABV: 8.5%
7. Einstök - Icelandic Pale Ale | APA - ABV: 5.6%
6. Electric Curse - Dark Skull (feat. Victor Brandt) | Imperial Stout - ABV: 10.7%
5. Kykao & Marmita - Summer Session IPA | Indian Session Ale - ABV: 5% [a very interesting case of a session beer with 100 IBU (!!) that was well balanced and pleasingly drinkable]
4. Pine Ridge Brewery - The Big Beautiful Walrus | Imperial Stout - ABV: 10.5%
3. Dugges Bryggeri (collab. with Omnipollo) - Anagram Bourbon Barrel Aged Blueberry Cheesecake Stout | Imperial Stout - ABV: 15% [felt like the best liquid cake I ever had]
2. Lervig - TIMES 8 | Pastry Stout - ABV: 16% [the boss of all pastry stouts that were and will be in the future]
1. Yria Cervezas & Seven Island Brewery - Nicta | Russian Imperial Stout - ABV: 17% [stood up and started clapping when I tasted this magnificent beast of a beer]

Music posts will return in a few days, and maybe earlier than in the previous years, see you in a while.

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