Top 10 non-metal Releases of 2019

I would ideally prefer this list to be fused with the rest of the albums and not be separate, however metal is such a different and bigger story which makes it pretty hard to compare, considering the difference in the amount of albums listened in each category. I don't follow any specific bands either, more like listening to whatever I can get my hands on with a few filters that I have in my head depending on what I enjoy. 


10. Kadavar - For the Dead Travel Fast
9. La Dispute - Panorama
8. Meitei - Komachi
7. State Faults - Clairvoyant
6. Thom Yorke - ANIMA
5. The Caretaker - Everywhere, an Empty Bliss
4. Brutus – Nest
3. Pelican – Nighttime Stories
2. Chelsea Wolfe - Birth of Violence
1. Lingua Ignota - Caligula

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