Aug 8, 2021

Prygla - Prygla

Release: July 30th, 2021
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Sweden
Label: Self-released
Listen: Bandcamp

There's no information about this Swedish band apart of the fact that they suddenly dropped a bombastic, half-hour long album without any previous promotion or revealing anything else but the music. Listening to Prygla evokes a feeling as mysterious as the project itself, as it ultimately doesn't reflect the country's sound, when at the same time it has something that modern black metal bands often forget: substantial darkness. 

It doesn't have to be lo-fi bedroom cacophonies, extreme imagery or heavily mixed, just through a basic set of instruments Prygla succeed in capturing the essence of the genre. That's what makes it fairly powerful, along with the thick, filthy production and the never ending stream of great guitar lines that often slightly change moods from melodic parts (think of "Ögat"), to borrowing riffing patterns from their Norwegian brothers (Urgehal vibes in "Rit"), to heavier, more particular compositions like "Serafernas Sorg" or "Utanmärle". 

An instrumental piece with echoing clean guitars paves the way for the epic ending of "Absurd", proving that Prygla has more sides than you would think and is one of the more intriguing efforts from Sweden I've heard this year, regarding newcomer bands. There were still little things to discover after several listens in the album, and it doesn't lose touch even after series of repetitions, something that is made even easier simply by the fact that Prygla don't overdo their stay. 28 minutes of intensely dim and slightly diverse music are all that it takes. 

Damage: 3.5/5 [Great]

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