Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Brodequin - Festival of Death (2001)

Since a new Brodequin album has been announced, which already may be one of the happiest pieces of news of the year, we gladly dive back to their back catalog of excruciatingly brutal early 00’s albums. 

While I think nothing can beat Instruments of Torture for me, as it has the catchiest and filthiest tracks, they kept ripping and banging for all their albums, including the follow-up Festival of Death in 2001. 

When I think of the peak of brutal death metal, I think of an era up to 2005, and bands like Brodequin, Disgorge, MorticianPyaemia and so forth. This is the stuff that is sincerely heavy, without being ridiculous or pretentious, or even abusing slams / grooves / overplayed hardcore with gutturals. 

Ugliness is the word of the day, and Festival of Death is for the ears that have the capability to acquire it. 

Definitely one of the most intense records I have ever listened to, just a thick, big, 700 kg bear mauling your face. Festival of Death straightens the soul. Hopefully the new one is as sick. Listen to their other stuff too. [4.5 out of 5 - Brilliant]

Knoxville, Tennessee, US | Unmatched Brutality Records

Track listing:

1. Mazzatello
2. Judas Cradle
3. Trial by Ordeal
4. Torches of Nero
5. Vivum Excoriari
6. Lake of the Dead
7. Blood of the Martyr
8. Gilles De Rais
9. Flow of Maggots
10. Bronze Bowl
11. Auto De Fa

Total runtime | 00:30:53


  1. Ογκόλιθος

  2. "sincerely heavy, without being ridiculous or pretentious" exactly the point with all the new brutal death