Sunday, May 05, 2024

Lidérc - Prof​á​n Myst​é​rium

Black Metal, Hungary
Spring 2024, Sun & Moon Records

Lidérc was formed in 2020 in Veszprém, Hungary by old friends and musicians from bands like Niedergang, Infectus and Lepra. After a successful 2-song promo, the first full-length album of the band is finally ready to unleash. The album consists 6 songs of maniac medieval decadence with poetic Hungarian lyrics and detailed traditional hand drawn layout.

The name Lidérc is coming from the local folklore, where it appears as a malevolent house spirit, and a shapeshifting supernatural power. The music and the lyrics are evoking a rustic medieval-infused world of deranged alchemists, superstitious masses and rural witchcraft practitioners, with a vicious, grotesque and twisted sonic atmosphere. The themes of Lidérc are fast-paced, aggressive and sometimes uplifting, but they also emanate a strong melancholic decadence, which culminates in the symbolist-inspired lyrics as well.

The title of the album ‘Profán Mystérium’ refers to a mystery play, and the tracks can be perceived as stations on the path of damnation, the story of a glorious downfall revolving around the lyrical speaker. It can also be viewed as a kind of profane carnival, in which the participants symbolically destroy the existing moral structures by creating institutionalized confusion and chaos, turning the world upside down, spitting in its face and sell their souls to the Devil.

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