Friday, May 24, 2024

Saidan - Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity

Raw Black Metal / Punk, United States
Spring 2024, Self-released

After two years, Saidan makes their gruesome return with “Visual Kill: The Blossoming of Psychotic Depravity”.

"Emerging in 2020 Saidan rabidly released a string of demos, splits, and albums that caused a stir in the underground Black Metal scene. With their anthem-like riffage, violent imagery, deranged vocal delivery, and thrash inspired breakdowns. Saidan has risen above many of their contemporaries and has stood out in a bustling USBM scene.

Now in 2024 Saidan has presented us with their most focused and grotesque offering to date. Visual Kill takes you on a journey through a necrophilic hell and follows the morbid life, death, & afterlife of a student as they quickly drift further into unredeemable mental despair. While musically Saidan offers a beautifully violent take on the sound of classic Black Metal with a modern Punk twist; delivering malicious riffs, rapid leads, nonstop fist pumping hooks. and heart pounding drum work, all wrapped in a Raw Black Metal bow.

Inspired by Black Metal and Punk legends of the past; Saidan looks towards the future by staying true to themselves and delivers an album that is unhinged, chaotic, and raw.

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