Feb 10, 2013

Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness (2002)

Album: Sons of Northern Darkness
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Website: Facebook

With a delay, i finally managed to bring up another post here, and its a band that no one is unfamiliar with. An admirable band, for the solid and unchanging attitude over the years, for the great music, for the video clips and the photo shoots (you gotta admit), for the unique views on the norwegian crimes -and this might be another phrase i'll be using from now on- and for all the memes that float around these days.

"Sons of Northern Darkness" is one of my favourite Immortal albums along with "In the Heart of Winter" and thats something that does not happen very often to me, i usually like the first albums of bands since most of them start to experiment and end up drowning in pig manure musically. This album has some really good songs and its a pleasure from the beginning to the end, it does not get repetitive, it has a clear production, it has the band members in funny positions on the cover and on the CD, it has Tyrants, it has everything.


  1. "In the Heart of Winter" was the first recorded in Swedish Abyss studios and showed a more melodic aproach. One of my faves as well.

  2. For sure it is one of their best albums. What do you think of "All Shall Fall" ? It was a solid comeback 7 years after "Sons of..."