Feb 25, 2013

Marduk - Wormwood (2009)

Marduk "Wormwood"
2009, Regain Records

The reuploading process has begun, and you can see which posts are alive again on the right column. Since filestock is dead, use the other link (not at all obvious). Im keeping them both, just in case. The russians are lunatics when it comes to the internet. Or falling comets. Whatever.

An era of boredom has struck my life and im behind everything, that should explain the absence of posts here, so i repay with this magnificent album by the magnificent band Marduk. Im close to loving all their albums, its the seriously angry wagon that many have tried to copy but failed. Wormwood is supreme, perfect for torturing innocent civilians.

After the change of a vocalist, their music has obviously changed. Both eras fit me perfect and i don't think they are doing anything wrong right now. Not much to be said.

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