Dec 2, 2012

Testament - The Formation Of Damnation (2008)

Country: USA
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Quality: CD-Rip 320kbps
Website: Facebook / Myspace

Testament are a huge band that has released huge albums, from their early thrash era, to the death metal era, then again to their own music era that stays till today, they haven't released a bad album yet and all of them have something to offer, that to me makes them are pretty solid band, with an excellent carreer so far.

"The Formation Of Damnation" has blasting songs in it and it makes me move more than any other Testament album, i know they have a long history but with this one i started listening to them so all my favourite songs are in here. Their new album "Dark Roots Of The Earth" is a kick ass album as well, they have decided not to go downhill and we're happy to follow then.

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