Nov 29, 2012

Cruciamentum - Engulfed In Desolation (2011) [EP]

Country: UK
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Winter Records
Website: Facebook

A band ive been watching since the first demo, even if they have recently formed they sound completely like a band from the early 90s.

All of their songs are a must and this EP is an awesome release when it comes to rotten, anti-mainstream and anti-scene kid death metal, as it should be, the guys have made a name for themselves in the underground.

Im glad they are signed to the supreme greek death metal label Nuclear Winter because those who run it are serious, and the bands they have are serious as well.

In case you think the extreme metal you like died somewhere during the change of the millenium, grab this and listen to it with a beer. Its gonna draw the "Oh yeah" look in your face.

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