Nov 8, 2012

Order Of Ennead - An Examination Of Being (2010)

Country: USA
Genre: Black / Death Metal
Label: Earache Records
Website: Facebook / Myspace

I had completely forgotten about these guys and only today i stumbled upon this album. I remember i originally got into them because Steve Asheim of Deicide plays drums here, the fact is that i trust Earache (one of my favourite labels around) and i was not wrong this time either.

Great album, probably on the good side of the modern death metal wagon, filled with well composed tracks. It could be described as melodic death metal with good shrieked black metal vocals, maybe, i have not heard their first album to compare it with this, but i pretty much enjoyed every bit.

Interesting lyrics and artwork caught my attention again, even the solos worked for me this time, i usually dislike their use in extreme genres (black & death mostly).

 I got a CD and shirt package of the release, glad to have those. Earache always has sweet offers, you should see for yourself.

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