Nov 27, 2012

Wolfcry - Nightbreed (2003)

Wolfcry "Nightbreed"
2003, Black Lotus Records

Another not so well known power metal band from Greece, maybe im mistaken but if you're not Spitfire you do not have a big fanbase here when it comes to heavy/power/traditional in general. Those guys are not that bad either, pretty warm album, there are not many epic melodies or synths, i liked the female backing vocals in some tracks and the piano parts are awesome.

Weird that i found this in a bag full of random albums in a trash can, it was in a pretty good condition so i took the whole bag, there were several 80s heavy metal gems in there, this was the newest release.

Might be getting some up here. I only dislike the band name of the band by the way, metal artists have been raping the word, i suggest they stop using it unless they think of something smart. Like Wolves In The Throne Room.

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