Nov 5, 2012

Finntroll - Jaktens Tid (2004)

Country: Finland
Genre: Viking / Folk Metal
Label: Spikefarm Records
Website: Facebook / Myspace

 I often think, what music would i choose for a party that i would throw one time. I guess, it would be full of fast and uplifting folk and viking metal music. I find these tunes just that awesome, i don't get a word of the finnish lyrics, i do not know much about nordic mythology subjects, still these guys make me participate in the craziest viking parties. If they did that at all, in between raping and savaging around. Which is completely fine with me by the way, no offends intended, anyway, when i read about trolls i was fascinated and started looking for related bands, this one came up, im glad i found them. This record contains the song "Födosagan", its one of my favourites by them.

P.S.: You gotta look for the movie "Trollhunter" and see it. A must for every metal fan. Pure awesomeness.

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