May 15, 2013

Graveland - Carpathian Wolves (1994)

Origin: Poland
Genre: Pagan / Raw Black Metal
Label: No Colours Records

The debut album of Graveland clearly smells of the rotten underground scene of its time. Listening to it, im happy that i wonder if it was recorded in a bathroom or in a studio, the sound is fucked up on purpose. There is a lot of sloppy work in this album, i still think something hateful was meant to be written, this or they had no money to record an album. I don't even think its negative. So, as the album progresses, you either hate Christianity or yourself for putting yourself in this situation, mission accomplished.

The reissued version i own contains some songs from a rehearsal in 1993 and a bit of different artwork from the original (different fonts, the main art is the same in the front cover). If you also know how to wield a sword and spend time in the woods, if you think black metal is serious business with a true mission and purpose, you will be good friends with Rob Darken and this is a must for you. They later went to viking / pagan metal, or something like that, not my cup of tea. Torn out black metal is my cup of tea. Im glad i have this.

DAMAGE: [8.5/10]


  1. to me the guy is a joke

    (and my absolute favorite)

    i really can't take him seriously..he looks like a unintentional bathory parody act, his music is quite generic too..but it's only my opinion.

    (τελος τα uploads μαν?πως κι ετσι?μπορεις να μιλας για τα album που ανεβαζεις πχ)

  2. Εχω χάσει αρκετά μπλογκ από τα downloads και δε θέλω να χάσω κ αυτό, έχει πέσει δουλειά εδώ... Απλά οι εταιρείες άρχισαν να σβήνουν αναρτήσεις. Τέλος πάντων.

    Εχω δει τις φωτογραφίες ναι :P Ισως να νομίζει ότι είναι από άλλη εποχή, χαχαχα... Οι μουσικοί του είδους δεν έχουν φωτογένεια έτσι κ αλλιώς νομίζω (Satanic Warmaster - Burzum - Immortal etc etc...)

    Οσο για τη μουσική, έχει μερικά καλά κομμάτια. Εκτιμώ την περίοδο 1992-1996, από εκεί κ έπειτα δε μαρέσει σχεδόν τίποτα. Απλά ήταν από τα πρώτα συγκροτήματα του είδους που άκουσα, λίγο ανορθόδοξη αρχή αλλά έτσι έγινε.


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