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Belzebong - Dungeon Vultures (2013) [Ep]

Belzebong "Dungeon Vultures"
Instant Classic, Spring 2013

I remember i stumbled upon their first demo in 2009 because that green smoking goat they had in the cover drew my attention, as always, and i thought i should check it out. I was not familiar with the stoner rock/metal genre back then, i had listened to some bands by accident but i didn't know what was what. To this day, i enjoy that demo. They later on released a full length which got me even more into them, despite the mixed feelings the stoner community has about them (some love them, some don't, at all).

And now, there we have a new EP that was released this April by a local polish label, there is another new song around the internet, assuming a second full album? Maybe. Till then, we have an EP with one 14 minute song. If you're familiar with this band, you know what that means. It follows the simple recipe they've been using in the past years, they hail the bong with down tuned slow and heavy riffs, samples and a talking introduction, stoner/doom melodies, no vocals (a relief, they would not fit anywhere here) and a trippy mood of course.


DAMAGE: [7.0/10]


  1. Amazing, I never expected this kind of sound from a Poland band!
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. They are really good indeed my friend! Glad you enjoy :)