I've been thinking of making such a post several days now and i think its time to get started. In the future, more volumes will come,...

Kick Ass Debut Albums - American Death Metal (Volume I)

I've been thinking of making such a post several days now and i think its time to get started. In the future, more volumes will come, im thinking of swedish death, old school thrash, scandinavian black (the common suspects).

Making something clear beforehand: The following albums, as always, were chosen based on my likes and judgement. I tried to focus on bands that had the death metal sound as it was shaped in the late 80s. This means no Death or Possessed, they did influence the death metal scene ridiculously much but their music had progressive and thrash elements. Please don't start whining your ass off the fact, i know you like to do that. Also, there are tons of bands that can be included, i could not include them all, thats why more parts are coming.

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Gorguts - Considered Dead
Autumn 1991, Roadrunner Records

I know they are from Canada, but they can be included in this list. 

I still get chills listening to this album. I had a reissue of two of their records combined in a -somewhat- compilation CD, this included, i lost it though. How irresponsible of me huh? Anyway, it is technical, it is avant-garde, it has an amazing 90s death metal artwork, and of course, awesome tunes.

Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness
Spring 1989, Earache Records

If you need introduction to this band, i suggest you lock yourself in a room for the next month and learn your history about metal. A truly incredible album from the grandmasters of the genre.

Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Summer 1989, Roadracer Records

Even though my favourite album by them is Cause of Death, i believe both albums are top in their area. The stinking vocals stand out. Its beyond cool, haha... That label is connected to Roadrunner, in case you wondered (because i did).

Suffocation - Effigy of The Forgotten
Autumn 1991, Roadrunner Records

I know the term "brutal death metal" didn't exist back then, but the first primitive elements of that genre can be listened at some parts here. It has some of their best songs like "Infecting The Crypts". Holy shit.

Six Feet Under - Haunted
Spring 1995, Metal Blade Records

Here is a personal favourite. This is the first metal album i ever listened to and i love it from the beginning to the end. Its not that intense as the rest of the death metal albums but it is full of grooves and really catchy riffs. Haters gonna hate.

Immolation - Dawn Of Possession
Summer 1991, Roadrunner Records

Another breathtaking album by a band that has stayed spectacular for 20+ years now. We thank the gods about Immolation. Blast this when you're driving.

Autopsy - Severed Survival
Spring 1989, Peaceville Records

Faces decomposing. Screaming in pain and despair. Becoming one with the earth. Flesh deteriorates until bones are bare. No more blood to bleed. No end to the cadevers.

More albums for you:
Atheist - Piece Of Time
Deicide - Deicide
Massacre - From Beyond
Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments
Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life
Monstrosity - Imperial Doom
Nocturnus - The Key
Necrophagia - Season Of The Dead
Incubus - Beyond The Unknown

Stay tuned.....