May 18, 2013

Irrwisch - Irrwisch (2008) [Demo]

Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Label: Independent

In DSBM, a demo is more likely to be treated and judged exactly like a full length, because most of the times, they either have the same kind of gross or great production. Irrwisch are an obscure band that no one knows anything about, there are no biographies or information about them anywhere. An email is available and they have a site, pretty much empty.

I admire the production, its deep and thick and clear enough for all the instruments to participate. There are some amazing melancholic melodies and synths in here. Deep howling screams would fit perfectly and that's exactly what the singer's doing, it has the whole package and deserves a place among the masters of the genre. I strongly recommend the fans of the genre to give this a listen if they haven't already. For fans of Woods Of Desolation.

There is a new album or something like that in the works. You can listen to some samples at their website.

DAMAGE: [7.5/10]

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