Jan 9, 2013

Enshadowed - Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn (2002) [2007 Reissue]

Album: Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Zyklon-B Productions
Website: Facebook / Myspace

As i promised here, i would post more of the greek blacksters i think are talented as one can be. With that in mind i give you the debut album of Enshadowed as it was reissued by Zyklon-B with bonus demo tracks, surely a little package to be excited about since this type of merciless and melodically raw (!?) style is by far my favourite. With songs like "Suicidal Lunacy" and "Northbound" they did make themselves a band to be watched. Im glad i have seen them live too, it was a hell of a show and i enjoyed every last bit of it like one enjoys barrel beer. They are going to release a new album this month, i think, ive been dying to check it. Its gonna be merciless, no question about that.

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