The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal (2007)

The Black Dahlia Murder "Nocturnal"
2007, Metal Blade Records

Above is a band that has caused controversial opinions among the metalheads and the scene kids, since everyone seems to have the correct point of view about them or has been named the father of all music and knows best. I will not lie, there are some aspects of them that are easy targets for hating: The logo is deathcore-ish (need i say more?). They kinda belong to the deathcore scene as well even though they do not play that kind of music, its probably because of the shirt artworks they use and their sound is quite crystal clear and br00t4l.

My thoughts on all these? Its crap. As long as its good, i don't care if its named Barbie Pop or Trash Can Funk or whatever, if you get herpes whenever "core" is violating your ears' tranquility, go tell these guys. Or these guys. And i know what you're thinking "Hey we don't mean these bands, these other mainstream MotionlessInWhite and similar garbage". I totally agree and you have a hell of a point, but fuck you. Music changes and fans should change with it.

Anyway, back to Nocturnal, which is to me the best album by TBDM including Ritual, even though thats also one big punch in the throat of melodic death metal bands that repeat themselves every 15 seconds. Hammering, fast, melodic and heavy songs, well-worked high pitch vocals combined with growls, weedy musicians, a kickass album art and pentagrams is what the album is about. Songs like "Warborn", "Virally Yours", "Of Darkness Spawned" place the album just a step above everything else they've made. Again, maybe Ritual is about the same, i have to listen to it some times more for a sure answer.

When it comes to melodeath im really selective, im either old school death or very well structured modern death, most bands on the latter side cannot meet these expectations for me. This band though, has progressed dramatically since their debut and its safe to say that they are one of the best bands in the area of modern death metal, along with other ones that everyone hates. Their fanbase and the whole HxC scene these days makes me wanna vomit as well, its not the fans that make a band good or bad though. Thats how i see it.


  1. I agree that it is silly when people get scared just by the "core" tag, bands like brutal truth (great example by the way), angelmaker, wormrot, shadow of intent, gridlink and painted in exile (obviously the list could go on) highlight how bands whose genre falls under "core" can be phenomenal and that the realm of deathcore, grindcore etc. have some real gems; as is in any genre.

    Also this was very enjoyable to read! I just discovered this website and am impressed so far.


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