Jan 12, 2013

Entrails - The Tomb Within (2011)

Entrails "The Tomb Within"
2011, F.D.A. Rekotz

After getting their first album, i could not miss this one that came out just one year later. Immidiately caught up by this incredible artwork, i knew i was going to dig the album very much. 

I actually like it more than "Tales From The Morgue" because of the production and sound quality that has been arranged here. The old school riffology and vocals combined with a clear studio mixing that has sharpened the guitars to the highest level, provoke aggressive and filthy feelings to the listener, who is overwhelmed by the strength this album unleashes. It stands out among the new bands of old school death.

Lyrically, the band has not changed, that is a good thing of course, i would not appreciate sophisticated lyrics in a death metal warmachine designed "to tear your soul apart".

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