Jan 8, 2013

Nåstrond - Conquering The Ages (2004) [Compilation]

Album: Conquering The Ages
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Cryptia Productions
Quality: CD-Rip 320kbps
Website: Myspace

This compilation contains some demo tracks from the 1993-2003 period of Nåstrond as well as some unreleased songs. As you might guess, its a pretty fucked up production and the whole thins sounds like -morbidtunesoftheblackangels- noise.

I love their first two full lengths and i enjoy the other two as well, so i dont mind these guys doing some bathroom recordings, im fond of that style to anyway, haha... It came as a bonus to an order i had made, i did not really choose to buy it, glad to have one anyway. Still, if you want a good look of what this band is about, look for "Toteslaut" and "Age of Fire".

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