Jun 16, 2013

Witchburner - Bloodthirsty Eyes (2013)

Witchburner "Bloodthirsty Eyes"
Winter 2013, High Roller Records

I recently purchased "Demons" along with some other stuff, always fond of bands with delicate artworks. I will make a post about that album as well one day. Im sure.

Being one of the first metal bands i got into, i've been following their path of stench and old-school rottenness since Blood of Witches (im not that old), listening to the old albums and any kind of side releases from them at the same time. The german thrash metal front is huge of course, so any bands from there should be given a listen, especially this one, jamming around since 1992.

The album is a loyal servant of the old school black/thrash sound. It is a recipee that definitely works for old-school maniacs that have sticked back to the tape trading era and dirty thrash metal bands with ugly black metal vocals. The band has recruited a new vocalist on this album and the differences of him and the previous one are obvious, because his vocals sound more harsh and less high pitched.

The songs, as one would expect, are fast paced, full of riffs and solos with the feeling of the 80s-90s quite powerful. With their seventh album, Witchburner do what they do best, they are not demonstrating anything new, even though i like the music here more than other albums they've recorded.

DAMAGE: [7.0/10]

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