Oct 28, 2012

Askuror & Vargshelske - Kirchenbrand (2005) [Split]

Askuror & Vargshelske "Kirchenbrand"
2005, Nordsturm Productions

It always gives me a great pleasure digging up obscure splits and demo releases by unknown black metal bands, i stumble upon loads of shit to reach a dungeon but the process and the result worths it. The joy gets bigger when i get to do that research with original albums and not just digital copies of them, its even more interesting to inspect the layout, the messages, the ideologies and the general concept and feeling those bands try to provoke.

That is one reason i find black metal one of the most intriguing metal genres, and fuck the haters. As for, i got it for the cover and kept it for the music, solid black metal sound, nothing memorable but still solid executions. The Vargshelske side was really good, sadly they haven't released anything else, no information links either. Anyway, its for fans only.

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