Oct 27, 2012

Slaughtered Priest - Confess Your Sins (2012)

Country: Greece
Genre: Black / Thrash Metal
Label: Floga Records
Website: Facebook

Fresh blood. Fresh meat. Slaughtered Priest have shown their guts since their first full length, and they've been going better since, having released four albums including this one. Im really into this band because they have great music, they are not pretending they are celebrities or something (cough cough satan'swrath cough) and they have that old school blackthrash sound that makes your head burn within minutes.

The one member, Ungod, also plays in infamous black metal bands like Sad, Necrohell and Kvele, so he has a level of experience in destroying the ears of the civilians. I like the new one more than any other i've listened by them so far, because you can feel the steps forward they've taken, "Confess Your Sins" might be getting in my list of favourites for the year. You worshippers of the underground should praise this a little bit.

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