Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tribe Of Neptune - Γνῶσις (2010)

Country: Greece
Genre: Ambient / Depressive Black Metal
Label: Razorbleed Productions
Website: Facebook

Not many are familiar with this group, even here in Greece. I was really into DSBM and dark ambient once, so ive been looking all kinds of bands up, im glad i stumbled upon Tribe of Neptune during that period, this release -and the only by them- is a hidden gem of the scene.

Four really long tracks of atmospheric black metal with ambient parts is what it is, i think the fans will really dig it. It lacks at some aspects and in terms of song writing, but the overall conclusion is a solid 38 minute ceremony.

I liked the tracks even though i rarely listen to them whole, but its still a creative effort by them. I don't know their status, active or inactive. For the record, Γνῶσις is the greek word for knowledge, if anyone cares.

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