Oct 22, 2012

Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll (2003)

Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death / Power Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Website: Facebook / Myspace

Ok, the last of the CoB ones i have, and its been a long time since i bought it. Apart from the facts that ive mentioned so far, the story of the name of the band is quite interesting, unsolved murders have always been an intriguing mystery to me.

Grim Reaper (the guy in the covers of their albums) is the one that the survivor of that night in Lake Bodom said he saw, killing his friends. Even though there were not enough clues, he was a suspect for the murders. Anyway, this album contains their best song "Sixpounder".

If you liked the other two albums, one more is even better.

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