Oct 19, 2012

Nebular Moon - ...Of Dreams And Magic (1999)

Country: Germany
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Last Episode
Website: Myspace

Got this from a festival in my home town, mainly because it was really cheap and i liked the front cover. It turned out that the booklet and CD case have naked women on them, so yeah, it is ok in general. Lots of synths and melodic parts, if you like bands like Cryptic Wintermoon or Night Conquers Day, you probably will like this one too. I enjoy the music, since it has plenty of good elements in it if you're into this style, and the songs are not boring like other symphonic bands. Glad that the piano parts and riffs sound like a real piano playing, which is the truth probably, still im stating it because most bands spend time editing the sounds a lot nowadays.


  1. I wish my town had a festival where they sold metal albums.

  2. Don't think that we have the biggest festivals, its just one, once per year... I support it whether i like the bands or not, since lots of guys bring weird merch and CDs (like this). Grave Digger headlined the show for 2012.


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