Aug 26, 2013

Caedes Cruenta - ΣΚΙΕΣ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΩΝ (2009)

Caedes Cruenta "ΣΚΙΕΣ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΩΝ"
2009, Whisper of Death Records

I remember, i first saw this band on Metal Archives and there was nothing available by them anywhere around the nets, so i waited until someone graces the community with a personal rip. Yet, as that day seemed like it was never going to arrive, i decided to hunt down a physical copy, but the album was everywhere by the time i actually got my hands on it. Caedes Cruenta (meaning massacre in latin) have released one full length only during their 10 year carreer and if you wonder what the title means, its Greek for "Shadows of Demons".

The band is praising Scandinavian roots with heavily influenced songs from the second wave, with early Darkthrone/Gorgoroth riffs and sound. The vocals, along with the music, reminded me of Satanic Warmaster as well, at some parts, even though this one has a cleaner production in general. Yet, they maintain a personal approach to their music and they don't exactly fall into the trap of being  clones of other bands. It is a scourge of the early days of Greek black metal combined with Norwegian riffology and melodies,  keeping the ideas simple and straightforward. Lyrically, they are not stepping into unexplored areas and they ensure a standard quality with simple anti-religious and hateful lyrics, delivering an honest and notable message that all blacksters, to some extent, share. There are some clean chanting vocals and lyrics in native Greek in the self-titled song, which is quite pleasing and interesting to hear (even though i generally dislike songs in Greek).

The album lacks power at some bits like the vocals and the drums, which is a common problem in primitive black metal. Here, the drum work sounds a bit empty and weak as a whole, but still it doesn't ruin the riff-driven result. Timing a total of almost 40 minutes, it is an easy to listen album for the nostalgics of the early black metal scene like myself. There is little experimentation and a person who would like to listen to this should know that it's the real thing with no extra characteristics or anything. As a whole, it is not a groundbreaking album, but not a piece of trash either.

Track listing:
1. The Path where the Dark Legion Dwells
2. Eosphorus
3. Maccabre Sacrifices beneath the Hollowed Graves
4. Cold Eternal Night
5. Through the Forest of Wolf's Possession
6. ΣΚΙΕΣ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΩΝ (Skies Daimonon)
7. Religion of Blasphemy
8. Into the Ashes of the Unforgotten Woods

DAMAGE: 6.0/10

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